Get WinRAR Lifetime License Key and Active Winrar For Free

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WinRAR is an indispensable software on your computer. This is an effective file compression and decompression software with many advanced features. WinRAR supports the most popular compression formats including RAR, ZIP, CAB, ARJ, LZH, ACE, TAR, GZip, UUE, ISO, BZIP2, Z, and 7-Zip, with very fast speed. And in this article, SolutechBlog will join you to get WinRAR Lifetime License Key to activate Winrar for free.

1. Some key features of Winrar

  • WinRAR supports compression and decompression of many formats: ZIP, RAR, CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, and TAR.GZ, BZ2, and TAR.BZ2, ACE, UUE, JAR (Java Archive), ISO (ISO9660 – CD image), 7Z File formats XZ, Z (Unix compress), and more.
  • WinRAR compresses files without affecting the original data.
  • WinRAR has the ability to check, recover and repair corrupted files during the decompression process.
  • WinRAR has fast compression and decompression speed.
  • WinRAR supports well on different operating systems.

2. Download and install WINRAR

To download WinRAR safely you go directly to the home page of the software and select the appropriate version for your device and download it. Here I choose the Windows x64 version. (Link:

After downloading, open the file to install the software. For details on how to do this, you can refer to the video below.

3. Get WinRAR Lifetime License Key – Active Winrar

Step 1: Create a New Text Document file Name rarreg.key

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Right-Click (on the desktop) and choose New > Text Document

Click File > Save and save the file with name rarreg.key

Step 2: Paste the following data in rarreg.key and save it

RAR registration data

WinRAR Unlimited

Company License

UID=4b914fb772c8376bf571 6412212250f5711ad072cf351cfa39e2851192daf8a362681bbb1d cd48da1d14d995f0bbf960fce6cb5ffde62890079861be57638717 7131ced835ed65cc743d9777f2ea71a8e32c7e593cf66794343565 b41bcf56929486b8bcdac33d50ecf773996052598f1f556defffbd 982fbe71e93df6b6346c37a3890f3c7edc65d7f5455470d13d1190 6e6fb824bcf25f155547b5fc41901ad58c0992f570be1cf5608ba9 aef69d48c864bcd72d15163897773d314187f6a9af350808719796

Or you can download rarreg.key file here: Google Drive

Step 3: Go to WinRAR install directory by default: c:\ProgramFiles\WinRAR

Step 4: Paste the rarreg.key into WinRAR directory. Click Continue

To check if the software is activated or not, click the about option in WinRAR

Video Active Winrar with Key tutorial


So, in this article, We have learned about Winrar software: how to download, install, and how to get WinRAR Lifetime License Key to activate winraru. 

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