Transfer data from Mega to Google Drive with Google Colab

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Have you ever wished to download data files or transfer data from Mega to Google Drive but were hesitant to download the content and then upload it? If so, then this essay is for you. I will show you on how to transfer data files from Mega to Google Drive without downloading using Google Colab.

Prepare tools

The Google Drive account has enough space to hold the file transferred from Mega.

If available, MEGA pro account (only has to be utilized when you need to download files bigger than 5GB, surpassing the Mega restriction) (only needs to be used when you need to download data larger than 5GB, bypassing the Mega limit)

Source file used on Colab:  Download here.

Transfer data from Mega to Google Drive

To be able to transfer data files from Mega to Google Drive without having to upload files and then download files, we need to use a tool called Google Colab from Google, which is completely free.

Step 1: Upload the source file to Google CoLab

First we need to go to the Google Colab page. Then you choose File > Upload Notebook.

Then you choose the source file that you have downloaded above to upload.

Step 2: Mount Google Drive account

Go to the second step. You need to mount the Google Drive account that you prepared earlier here.

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At the interface of the Google Colab page, you will see the line Step 1. MOUNT GOOGLE DRIVE; you click on the circle with the triangle at the bottom to start this process.

The notice comes up. Click Connect to Google Drive.

Then you choose your drive account. If you are not already logged in, you can log in at this step.

Next, you click allow to grant the tool permissions.

If you see a message like the one below, it’s successful.

Step 3: Transfer data from Mega to Google Drive.

At the Google Colab page interface at the bottom, you will see 02. MEGA TO GOOGLE DRIVE has 2 lines of URL and OUTPUT_PATH, in which:

  • The URL is the mega link you want to download or transfer data.
  • Output_Path is the path to the folder on Google Drive where you want to store the data.

To get Output_Path, click on the folder icon (illustration image) and select drive > My Drive > your folder;

Then you right click on that folder and choose copy path.

After filling in these two lines, click the circle button with the triangle as in step 2 to start with the file transfer. After clicking, the tool will run as indicated below.

After a successful, you will get output like this:


So, in this post, you and I have learned together how to transfer data from Mega to Google Drive without wasting time and effort downloading files, which is quite handy. I hope this tiny post will be of tremendous use to you.

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