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The Comprehensive 1972 Penny Value Guide (Mint Types, Factors, Errors, and Tips for Collectors)

This comprehensive 1972 Penny Value Guide explores the three main mint types: 1972-D (Denver Mint), 1972-S (San Francisco Mint), and 1972 No Mint Mark (Philadelphia Mint).

1944 Steel Penny Value Guide: Rare Errors, Mint Marks, and Investment Potential Explained

Discover the fascinating world of the 1944 Steel Penny, a rare and historically significant coin highly sought after by collectors

Unlock the Value of Your 1919 Wheat Penny (Expert Guide on Mint Marks, Rare Errors, and Value Determination)

Discover the value of your 1919 Wheat Penny with this expert guide on mint marks, rare errors, and coin grading.

December 2023

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