How to transfer data from Google Drive to Onedrive

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Google Drive and OneDrive are both popular and widely used cloud storage services today. If you are using both services but for some reason you want to transfer data from your Google Drive account to your OneDrive account but have difficulty, such as having to download and upload it, it’s a very good time. Then in this article, I will show you a way to help you transfer data from Google Drive to One Drive automatically, quickly, and completely for free.

Steps to transfer data from Google Drive to One Drive

To be able to transfer data easily, I will use a tool called This is a genuine product from Microsoft for OneDrive children, which helps you move data from storage services. other storage options besides OneDrive, such as Box and Google Drive

Step 1: You visit the website and click “LOGIN” in the upper right corner to log in with your Microsoft account. If you haven’t already, please register.

Step 2: Link the cloud accounts into which you want to save and transfer data.

At the “Step 1: Select source” – select the source to get the data, click Authorize New Connector. Here you will see many types. You choose the account type as Google Drive (Single User).

Click Authorize, then give it a name and click Authorize again and proceed to sign in with your Google account.

If you have more than one Google account signed in, select the account you want to connect to. Click allow access rights.  When the connection is successful, you will be returned to the source page.

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In the “Step 2: Select destination” section, choose where to save. Do the same but choose an Ondrive OneDrive Consumer account for your personal account or OneDrive for Business (Single User) for an account that the business provides.

Step 3: Select the data you want to transfer in the “Select source” section and where you want to save it in the “Select destination” section. I can only select the folder, so if you want to transfer odd files, you must put them in the folder. Click Start Copy to start copying data.

Step 4: Done.

You can see the data transfer status in this Migration Manager section. This data transfer happens completely automatically, so you just need to create this transfer task and you can rest assured that this tool will transfer.

When you see the success message, that’s it.

Note: This process is completely automatic. After setting, you can turn off your browser or device, and the data transfer process still takes place normally.


In this post, I will show you a way to help you transfer data from Google Drive to One Drive automatically, quickly, and completely for free. I hope this post is useful.

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