How to get Quillbot Premium Account For Free 2023 (2 method)

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The Quillbot Premium account is a smart tool that helps express and complete English sentences and paragraphs. This tool has helped millions of people save a lot of time and effort in writing articles, making English writing easier. And in this article, Solutech will guide you to get Quillbot Premium account.

What is Quillbot Premium?

Are you looking for a tool that can help check your writing for errors and improve the quality of your English? Quillbot is a machine learning platform built to help students and professionals better write in their native language.

Quillbot uses a combination of artificial intelligence and natural language processing to analyze the text you give it. It breaks down your writing into individual sentences and paragraphs, then analyzes them for grammatical mistakes or incorrect word usage. Quillbot will also suggest edits or alternative words that might improve the quality of your writing.

Quillbot is available in two versions: free and paid. The free version has less features than the paid one. For example, the free version can only convert paragraphs of 150 words, whereas the paid version supports unlimited. Besides, quillbot premium allows users to use plagiarism checker and citation generator.

Features of Quillbot Premium

Quillbot Premium is an advanced version of the tool which offers a wide range of additional features for users, including:

  1. Paraphrasing: Offers advanced paraphrasing options to help users rephrase their text to improve its readability and flow.
  2. Grammar Correction: Checks the text for grammatical errors and suggests improvements.
  3. Vocabulary Enhancement: Suggests synonyms and alternative words to help users improve their writing style.
  4. Sentence Rephrasing: Offers suggestions for rephrasing sentence structures to improve the overall quality of the text.
  5. Multiple Paraphrasing Options: Gives users multiple options to choose from when paraphrasing their text to suit their specific needs.
  6. Priority Support: Provides premium users with priority support from the Quillbot team.
  7. Ad-free experience: Removes all ads from the user interface for a more streamlined experience.

Method 1: How to get Quillbot Premium Account For Free

Actually, it’s not quite right to create a premium account. However, the steps below will help you use the premium features of a completely free Quillbot Premium account. You follow these steps:

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Step 1: Go to this page to download the utility file.

Step 2: You unzip the downloaded file, you will get an ‘extension’ folder

Step 3: Open Chrome Extension (copy and paste it into the search box: chrome://settings/). You turn on ‘Developer mode’.

Step 4: Click ‘Load Unpacked’ and select the folder you just extracted. If you see the utility displayed as shown below, that’s okay.

Step 5: You go to the homepage and log in with your email.

When you go to this tool and display a message like the image below, you see how many numbers it shows, drag the bar to that number to confirm.

Now you can see the quillbot premium account feature has been opened.

NOTICE: This method can help you use the premium features of Quillbot for free, however, there may be some minor errors during use but not significant. You can refer to the FAQ section below if there are any issues or ask questions in the comment section, I will respond.

Method 2: Use Quillbot premium browser portable

If the first method you try is not successful, you can try this second method.

Step 1: First, you need to download the file here.

Step 2: Now, use WinRAR or something else to “extract” the file. And open the folder that can be extracted.

When you open the folder, you’ll get either “GoogleChromePortable” or “OperaMiniPortable.” Open the app, and then use the bookmark to go to Quillbot. And enjoy the premium features of Quillbot for free.

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Please Note: Don’t update the portable browser, and don’t log out of the account.

You can watch the video tutorial below.

How to use Quillbot Premium Account features

To use the features of this tool, you visit its homepage or install the extension on the browser to make it easier to use.

1. Paraphrase feature

By using this feature, you can rephrase sentences and paragraphs in different styles, such as concise, elegant, creative, basic, etc., based on the original text. The rewritten paragraphs are smooth and easy to read.

Simply copy and paste the text you want to paraphrase into the blank space and press Paraphrase. The result will appear next to the text.

In addition to replacing the words that are replaced by default, you can also click on the word and select a different word group.

2. Grammar Checker feature

You just have to paste a paragraph into the tool and it will check for grammar errors and display them in red under the error. It works similarly to Grammarly. In order to fix each error in bulk, click on ‘Fix All Errors’ or click on each error to follow the tool’s suggestions.

3. Plagiarism Checker feature

In this tool, you can paste text or upload a text file to check for plagiarism. How to use the Premium features of Quillbot that I share with you has not been able to use this tool yet.

4. Co-Writer Feature

Co-Writer is a comprehensive writing platform that allows you to paraphrase, check grammar, get writing tips, and search the web without switching tabs. This tool provides an all-in-one solution for your writing and editing needs.

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5. Summarizer feature

The Summarizer feature helps you summarize the main idea of a paragraph and identify its key words. To do this, simply paste the text into the cell and choose between two modes: Key Sentences or Paragraph. You can also customize the length of your summary by adjusting the Summary Length bar.

6. Citation Generator Feature

The Citation Generator makes creating citations easy. All you have to do is input the website link and the book name, then press Cite to add further information. The citations you add will be displayed in the Citation List tab, where you can download them in a word text format or copy straight from there.


In fact, the steps above are enough to create a free Quillbot premium account. With a Quillbot premium account, you can still use most of Quillbot’s features and you will be able to learn more advanced English writing skills and experience several advantages.

That is what you can expect in the Quill Bot Premium account. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below.


  1. What are the benefits of using Quillbot Premium?

    With a Quillbot premium account, you can still use most of Quillbot’s features such as Paraphrase, Plagiarism Checker, Grammar Checker, Citation Generator, Co-Writer, Summarizer

  2. You followed the above method and succeeded, but you can’t log in again next time?

    To fix this, please log back in to the Quillbot account you created, the feature will be restored

  3. Is there a way to not drag the number bar when using it?

    Not currently, that’s how it determines you’re not a robot. You only need to pull it once when you use it

  4. You follow, but it shows the message that the feature is not useful?

    No problem, you can still use it normally.

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