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The world has been rocked in recent months by the appearance of a chatbot created by the artificial intelligence business OpenAI called ChatGPT (full name: Chat Generative Pre-Training Transformer). Moreover, recently GPT-4 version has been released by OpenAI with many outstanding strengths but only for users who have registered chatGPT Plus. Many people want to experience ChatGPT Plus but have many limitations on registration, so in this article, Solutechblog will share this account with everyone.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a language model created by OpenAI. It uses the GPT architecture to produce text that sounds like it was written by a human. ChatGPT has been trained on a large amount of text from the internet and books, allowing it to write about many different topics. It can be used for tasks such as answering questions, language generation, and helping chatbots sound more human.

If you know how to use ChatGPT effectively, it will be a powerful assistant, helping you to increase your work efficiency a lot.

The Application of Chat GPT

ChatGPT has various applications in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP). Some of the popular ones are:

  1. Text Generation: ChatGPT can generate human-like text on a given topic, making it useful for tasks such as creative writing, generating chatbot responses, and even creating new content for websites.
  2. Question Answering: ChatGPT can be used to answer questions in natural language, making it useful for creating virtual assistants and knowledge bases.
  3. Text Summarization: ChatGPT can be used to automatically summarize long articles or documents into short, concise summaries, which can be useful for information retrieval and analysis.
  4. Sentiment Analysis: ChatGPT can be used to analyze the sentiment of a given piece of text and classify it as positive, negative, or neutral, which can be useful for social media monitoring and brand management.
  5. Text Translation: ChatGPT can be used to translate text from one language to another, making it useful for multilingual websites and apps.
  6. And many many
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These are just some of the many applications of ChatGPT. The versatility of the model makes it a valuable tool for various industries and businesses that rely on NLP technologies.

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What is ChatGPT Plus

A paid variation of the ChatGPT model is called ChatGPT-Pro or Chat GPT Plus. When compared to the Chat GPT base model, it is intended to offer more accurate and contextually appropriate responses. This will be accessible during peak usage hours. However, it is currently exclusively accessible to US Users and is not a public product.

The new ChatGPT Account Plus subscription package will cost $20 per month, and members will get the following advantages:

  • Access to ChatGPT for everyone, especially during peak hours
  • Quicker reaction times
  • Priority access to improvements and new features

Get ChatGPT Plus Account Cookies For Free

Below is a list of ChatGPT Plus accounts. There is a note that this is a public account, everyone can use it but sometimes it will be overloaded due to too many questions and users.


How to use ChatGPT Plus Account Cookies

Step 1: You need install Cookies-Editor extension

Step 2: You go to Udemy and click to Cookies-Editor button on your browser

Step 3: Delete all cookies

Step 4: Install Session Share

Step 6: Click Parse Session from Clipboard in New Tab. Done

How to use Chat GPT Effectively

You go to, and you can see how to use in picture bellow

Some extensions help you use ChatGPT Account more effectively

  • ChatGPT for Google: Integrate Chat GPT into Google search so that, when searching, in addition to displaying results from Google, it also displays results from Chat GPT on the side.
  • Promptheus – Converse with ChatGPT: Add the ability to chat via voice rather than text.
  • ChatGPT PDF: Export GPT Chat history to PNG, PDF files or create sharing links (this extension is installed with source code because it is not available on the store).
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In this article Solutechblog have shared a chatGPT Plus account for you and how to use it. Wish you can make the best use of it.

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