How to creat a free Udemy Business Account life time

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Udemy Business is created for businesses that want to use Udemy as a learning platform for their employees. The account includes different courses from various fields, such as programming, design, finance, etc. This will help businesses to disseminate knowledge and improve their employees’ capabilities.

And in this article, Solutechblog will share you the way to creat a free Udemy Business Account life time.

What features of Udemy Business account?

Udemy isn’t just for regular, old school learning – businesses and organizations can purchase a Udemy account for access to a range of quality courses without paying per course. The price for a Udemy business account is understandably high, but the investment may be worth it for your company. You can see the Udemy Business price list below.

Some features

  • Some of the standout features of this product are that it provides access to over 6,000 courses with a Team account type and over 17,000 courses with an Enterprise account.
  • Additionally, you can change the logo and access link to (for subscribers).
  • Courses can also be created and distributed among employees within the company.
  • Although choosing a training topic can be difficult, you can create a training group (Programming group, Data group, etc.) to help make things easier.
  • Finally, you have access to international courses other than English (International collection, Japanese, Italian, Chinese…)

This account also has a lot of features that can help you manage courses and analyze reports. However, these features are mainly for subscribers. So, we don’t need to worry about them too much. We just need to know that it’s okay to take many courses.

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What is Bizverse?

BIZVERSE is a virtual reality world that is a replica of the real world. In BIZVERSE, users can do everything they would in the real world, such as work, attend events, shop, and much more. BIZVERSE offers users a unique experience that allows them to immerse themselves in a digital world.

Bizverse are proud to announce cooperation with Udemy to bring more than 200,000 free courses to Metaverse. This means that you will be able to experience the ultimate learning experience completely for free.

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How to creat a free Udemy Business Account life time

Step 1: You proceed to register an account at:

Note: Currently (August 21) after filling in the registration information it will show a screen to choose Plan, then you don’t have to worry about the new fee to enter, this is just a bug that the dev side is fixing. Just click on any plant to receive an account verification email, then go to your account to verify and then continue with step 2.

Step 2: After registering, please fill in the form at the following link (to activate your account):

Note: In the “How do you know Bizverse’s E-Class” section, select Referral by and click Continue and enter the referral code [] to activate your account faster.

Step 3: You wait 1-3 days and at the latest 5 days, your account will be activated (Excluding Saturday, Sunday).

Step 4: Every day, go to   and use your registered account to log in to see if your account has been activated.

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Below is the Udemy Business account interface


So in this article, Solutechblog have shared with you how to register for a free Udemy Business account life time. Hope this article will be useful to you. If you find it interesting, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

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