How to change folder color in Windows 11/10

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Instead of naming each folder, you want to change its color to make it stand out. It’s a little disappointing that there isn’t a mechanism to alter the folder’s color in any version of Windows. Therefore, using third-party software is the only option.

You may change the color of folders in Windows 10 and 11 using some apps. However, I’ll utilize the free program Rainbow Folders in this tutorial to change folder color.

How to install Rainbow Folders

Rainbow Folder is a lightweight tool that you can install on most Windows platforms. This software allows you to adjust colors for selected folders with Hue and Saturation bars.

Step 1. Go to Rainbow Folders Softpedia page in your browser and click the Download Now button to download the software ZIP file.

Step 2. Select the rf ZIP file and click  Extract all.

Step 3. Then click the option Show extracted files when complete.

Step 4. Select Extract .

Step 5. Open the extracted rf folder.

Step 6. Click Rainbow Folder.

Step 7. Click the Next buttons , select the folder to install the software and select Install.

Step 8. Alternatively, check the Install system shell extension box.

How to change folder color in Windows 10/11

Step 1. Open the Rainbow Folders program you just installed.

Step 2. Click This PC in the folder selection to expand that category. Then select Local Disk (C:) to see your directory tree. Select a folder to change the color. You can select multiple folders by clicking on the Multiple select option. 

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Step 3. You can use the Hue and Saturation sliders to choose a color. Then press the Colorize button to apply the selected color.

Step 4. Next, open the File Explorer window. Open the folder you changed the color to to see the result.

Method 2:

You can also open Rainbow Folders from the context menu. To do so, right-click the folder in File Explorer and select Show more options . Select Rainbow Folders to display the window.

You can now change the color of the folder you right clicked on. Note that you may have to close and reopen File Explorer for the color changes to take effect.

Adjust permissions for folders where you can’t change folder color

If the error message “Failed to write icon file” pops up and the color of the folder does not change, you may need to adjust the permissions for the folder. For Rainbow Folders to work, you need to have full control to modify the folders.

Step 1. Right click on the folder you need to change color and select Properties .

Step 2. Select Advanced on the Security tab shown directly below.

Step 3. Click Change on the Advanced Security Settings window.

Step 4. Type Everyone in the Select User or Group window and click the OK button.

Step 5. Then select Replace owner on subcategories and objects.

Step 6. Click Apply to save the options.

Step 7. Select OK to exit the Advanced Security Settings window

Step 8. Click the Edit button on the properties window.

Step 9. Click the Add button.

Step 10. Type Everyone and click OK to exit.

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Step 11. Select the Everyone group.

Step 12. Then select Full control  and Modify  under Permission for Everyone.

Step 13. Click Apply and OK .

Step 14. Finally, click OK in the properties window.

Step 15. Now try to change the color of the folder where you changed the permissions.

Done! You can change folder color again.


In this post, Solutechblog show you how to change folder color in Windows 11/10. I hope this post helpful for you.

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