Hello everyone who has been reading and following blog posts on newscointoday.us. I would like to thank you for visiting this small blog and supporting me.

Here, I have something to tell you about me and my website.

1. About myself:

My nickname is Jacky – the name I gave to this personal blog of mine. I’m from USA which is a beautiful and peaceful country in US.

Although I am studying economics, I also have a strong passion for technology such as programming, and data industries and currently I am learning about the Data Analytics industry. Therefore, when you follow this blog of mine, you will most likely encounter many articles that I write about this field.

I’m not an expert or a perfect person, so my blog just writes down what I know, and what I’ve learned and experienced to leave my own impression as well as share it with everyone. This is also one of the reasons and the reason why I created this blog.

In the process of writing articles, it is inevitable that mistakes can be avoided, hope you can remind them so that I can fix them and not cause confusion for future readers. I would like to thank you!

You can contact me via: https://newscointoday.us/contact-us/

2. About Newscointoday.us

Newscointoday.us is a personal blog created by me and started operating at the end of April 2023.

This blog is a place where I put my stamp on what I have learned and experienced as well as a place for me to share those things with you.

Some operating principles:

  • 1: The articles and content that I provide and share are completely free
  • 2: Create a healthy knowledge exchange environment, and say no to piracy actions. That is why I do not agree to all cases of copying my article without my consent.
  • 3: Update and support answers to you in the fastest way.
  • 4: Only recommend good quality products and services

3. Some of my social media accounts